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Context Switching in Operating System

Posted by:shreyak
Date:2018-03-28 07:18:54

Context Switch

A context switch is the mechanism to store and restore the state or context of a CPU in Process Control block so that a process execution can be resumed from the same point at a later time. Using this technique, a context switcher enables multiple processes to share a single CPU. Context switching is an essential part of a multitasking operating system features.

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One to one model

Posted by:shreyak
Date:2018-03-28 07:36:55

One to One Model

There is one-to-one relationship of user-level thread to the kernel-level thread. This model provides more concurrency than the many-to-one model. It also allows another thread to run when a thread makes a blocking system call. It supports multiple threads to execute in parallel on microprocessors.

Disadvantage of this model is that creating us...

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Posted by:shreyak
Date:2018-04-14 15:31:49

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