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Coolnaira Product, Details And How It Works

Coolnaira products consist of Virtual Digital Packages which every member purchases, sells or re-sells by introducing friends to purchase under them and thus earn attractive commission.

You only need to tell people about Coolnaira Network and its product using your referral link or username and make sure they join the network through you.

Coolnaira is a Uni-Level MLM Networking Business, you participate by purchasing Coolnaira product which is also the entry fee with at least a minimum of ₦1,000.

You then introduce people to participate and purchase Coolnaira product under you, with the same amount using your referral link or username and you earn 50% commission from their purchase. You will get your money back in no time + huge profit in the long run.

Below are Coolnaira product packages. You have the option to purchase the amount you are capable of. The higher amount, the higher commission you earn; you can start from the lower package and upgrade by purchasing the higher package later.

★ The idea of is very simple. Every member has to upgrade their account by purchasing Coolnaira product of at least the premium pack with a thousand naira or a higher package depending on your capability. Your package determine your earning on

What Is The Requirement?

→ Any mobile phone or computer with internet connection is okay.
→ Bank account where we can send your payment.
→ ₦1,000 or more for lifetime upgrading/purchasing fee.

What Is The Deal Here?

This is not a fake or lead generating website. We invest time and money to build and manage this platform for your own benefit. We want Nigerians to see something genuine for once.

Here is the deal: You join the network and make purchase of Coolnaira product pack with at least a token amount of ₦1,000 for premium pack or more. When you introduce someone to join the network using your referral link or username, that person makes a purchase and pays the same amount and you will earn 50% from his or her purchase.

Not only that, you will also get ₦1,000 as a welcome signup, this sign up bonus is not for your uppgrading or purchase but a welcome bonus to appreciate your interest + more goodies and profit like indirect earning commission of 10% from all your downlines + bonus.

Coolnaira system is a uni-level network with at least 4 width and 4 deep. That is 4x4 matrix, Meaning 50% commission on direct referral level 1, 10% commission from levels 2 - 4.

Get ₦1,000 Welcome Signup Bonus FREE - Register Now

See Breakdown And Understand Better.

Analysis: Unlimited means you can introduce as many people as you want using your referral link or username, not only 4 people. When you introduce 4 people, they will be your level 1 members. Those 4 people also introduce 4 people each, then your network continues growing and builds your income. For Premium package, you earn 50% = ₦500 on your direct referral (Level 1). You earn 10% = ₦100 from indirect referral (level 2 - 4). On higher packages, you earn the actual percentage with increase in commission.

The more people you introduce to this network using your referral link, the more money you earn. E.g: 50% = ₦500 x 10 people daily = ₦5,000 x 7 days in a week = ₦35,000 x 4 weeks in a month = ₦140,000.

Forget Paypal and Devaluated Dollar in Nigeria, considering the recent lapses of CBN as concerned BDCs and forex trading, you can actually make millions of naira online if you really know what you are doing. No joke, you only need at least  FOUR (4)  people to start making money with coolnaira forever...

Hmmm... Interesting, How Can I Join Now?

To join this networking program is absolutely FREE at no cost and you can start making money right away while you earn ₦1,000 signup bonus FREE if you join us today.

You will be given FREE membership with 5 days duration upon registration. You must however upgrade your account to any package you are capable of within 5 days otherwise, your account will expire untill when you decide to renew.

Get ₦1,000 Signup Bonus FREE - Register Now

Below is a step by step guide on how to get started

★ Join for FREE by clicking on "Register".

★ Fill the registration form properly with a valid email address and make sure you have a sponsor. If your sponsor shows up automatically, please don't touch or edit it.

Login to your account with your member username & password. Make sure you follow details on your dashboard including what to do and other instructions.

★ From your dashboard click upgrade account to make purchase and become a pro member.

★ On member dashboard click on "Promotional Center" to get your referral link and details on how to get members in your downline.

★ Share your referral link with your friends, on Whatsapp, Twitter and Google+ or any other social media you can think of or any strategy you know... We advice that you should start with your friends and let them build your network. DONT SPAM. If you have a blog, you can place your referral link ads on it.

★ You will earn 50% commission if anyone registers and purchases Coolnaira product through your referral link directly on any package you are on.

If you purchase a PREMIUM pack, you will earn commission from whomever purchased PREMIUM pack under you. If anyone upgrades to higher package while you are on a lower package, you will only earn commission attached to the package you purchased.

If you purchase a DELUXE pack, you will earn commission from both DELUXE and PREMIUM packs purchased under you.

If you purchase the APEX pack, you will have power to earn commission from all packages purchased under you. So decide which package you are capable of for a start.

Click here for more details on Coolnaira Product Packages

★ You have no other task to do, it's simple as ABC, NO STRESS.

★ Make a payment to purchase by upgrading your account with any package you are capable of and start making money.

→ Read Commission analysis and what happens to your payment.

★ Once you have 2 or more members under you who have also made purchases, feel free to withdraw your earnings. We pay-out weekly on or before Fridays. (Most time within 24 hours).

You only have simple task to do in your own comfort, which is telling your friends about Coolnaira using your referral link or username so that people will register under you.

That is it. Nothing more.


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